Smoke and Fire Curtains

HAG’s fire protection doors and shutters offer an exceptionally high standard of specification, performance and protection for your premises. Specifically-designed fire shutters, fire doors, smoke curtains and fire curtains provide optimum protection for premises and occupants during an outbreak of fire. Suited for all establishments, including high risk areas such as kitchens.

Products offer fire protection ranging from 1 – 4 hours.  Seamless integration into existing fire and security alarm systems.

Government legislation changed 1st November 2019.  All new fire shutters must be: fire tested and compliant to latest standard BS EN 16034:2014 & CE Marked to BS EN 13241-1:2003. Products tested to 2008 certification are prohibited by law.

September 2022


The Fireguard HF240 Fire Curtain is a premium fire resisting curtain giving up to 240 minute fire protection with the added benefit of up to 60 minutes irradiance shield dependant on size. This adaptable fire curtain can be installed in suspended or solid ceilings. Unlimited widths can be obtained by overlapping curtains. CERTIFIRE approved and UL Compliant.


The Fireguard HFS Plus Smoke and Fire Curtain provide optimum levels of smoke & fire protection up to 240 mins with added irradiance shield up to 60 mins. This protection system is designed to provide safe evacuation routes in proximity to the fire curtain and protection for close contact. CERTIFIRE approved and UL Compliant.


The Fireguard HS120 Smoke Curtain is a smoke barrier, and is tested up to 600 degrees C. Highly adaptable, this smoke protection system can be specified as fixed or automated to protect escape routes. The Smoke Curtain can be manufactured with no maximum width, and can be installed discreetly for low headroom requirements. CERTIFIRE approved and UL compliant.

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NBS Source and NBS Chorus

HAG Doors has partnered with NBS meaning our products can be specified directly into projects, importing the enhanced product data directly from NBS Source into your specification document via NBS Chorus.

Below is an overview from NBS Source offering the full HAG product range all authored to both CAWS and Uniclass 2015 standards. Simply select the relevant product(s) and highlight the relevant items to match your product finish, colour and accessory requirements.

With HAG Doors having full NBS Chorus licenses we can assist with all your specification requirements.

Specifying fire doors, shutters and curtains

All of our fire doors, fire shutters, smoke curtains and fire curtains come with a specified resistance level. Fire resistance level is the ability of the system to withstand fire under test conditions for a certain period of time. Their effectiveness is rated on a scale of 60, 120, or 240-minute fire rating, which represents the time it can prevent major damage to buildings.

When specifying the elements of a fire protection system you will also have to consider the following:

Width and height of opening
Frequency of use
Features of operation
Head room requirements
Aesthetics and finish
Connection and integration to the existing fire system


Split drop:

a split drop is an operational protocol that allows the activated fire curtain to descend partially, forming a smoke barrier and allowing the egress of personnel, followed by full closure.

Emergency retract button:

for emergency escape, should personnel find themselves on the trap side following full closure of the fire curtain.

Audio/visual beacons:

an audible and visual warning device(s) can be activated prior to the deployment of the fire product.

Safety window:

safety window for emergency services to check evacuation can improve safety levels.